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Amazing experience on TMB for second time !

Mittwoch 24 Mai 2017 Lingen Huang

Anwesenheit von Schneefeldern:

After exact two years, we had second time hiking in TMB. Although it was in the end of May, most of the refugees were not open yet, the weather condition was excellent. Thanks to the sunny weather and warm temperature (>20 degree) , there were not so much snow covered on the tracks to the Lac Blanc. This time, we hiked 5 hours from La Boerne to Lac Blanc, which is the most beautiful tracking road in my opinion. On this track, it is possible to saw the Mont Blanc almost all the road since they are on opposite sides of the town valley Chamonix and the track road has high altitude. Along the road, we also saw many goats which are so calm and amazing. I strongly recommend the track to Lac Blanc in the TMB route.

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