Mon Tour du Mont Blanc

The new bivouac Gervasutti

19 October / 30 November 2011

A new bivouac has been placed on the rocky outcrop overlooking the glacier Fréboudze (Courmayeur - Italy) facing the spectacular wall of Jorasses, at an altitude of 2835 m.

Powered by photovoltaic panels, this innovative structure, controlled by the CAI of Turin and strongly supported by sub-section SUCAI, has a reduced impact on the environment.

Inside there is an emergency call point and system dedicated to the collection of data on internal and external conditions, equipped with an internet connection; this system will allow remote monitoring of environmental conditions in the structure.

"Fifty Years after the last renovation of the bivouac Gervasutti - said Osvaldo Marengo, president of CAI Turin - we set ourselves the goal of renewing this important building, a meeting point between the history of our mountains and new technologies. We thank the Aosta Valley Region, Fondazione CRT, Gore (the makers of GORE-TEX ®) Solar and EDF ENR for supporting this mission with high value products. Big gratitude to Commune Courmauyeur and all the sponsors for their technical support to the project. "

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