The Tour of Mont-Blanc


The excursionist's best friend


A large backpack with ergonomic shoulder straps, a comfortable back support with breathable fabric, a waist-level closure and perhaps an extra raincover is an essential element of an enjoyable excursion.

A volume of 30 to 60 liters is recommended, depending on whether trekking is planned for one or more days (even if larger backpacks are available).

We recommend a model that subdivides the storage space into upper and lower compartments, because two separate compartments can be handy in case of rain or to keep food separate from clothing.

Other useful features include external side pockets (no more than two), an ice-axe/poles carrying system, a drinking water setup (e.g., Camelback) and a side zipper that gives you access to the main body of the backpack without necessarily having to remove it from your shoulders.