An exceptional environment

Conditions July 10th

10 July 2019

Good conditions on the TMB: at a meteorological level, a very beautiful day today, but the presence of a system of low pressures over Great Britain, whose hot front will dampen the flow again, starting from Thursday will bring new, rather thick, cloud passages probably without rainfalls.

The trails are generally in good condition with less and less snow on the track. Water sometimes invades the path and the water streams are always quite charged, so it is good to pay attention when crossing them.

Focus variant Fenêtre d'Arpette (CH): the variant is now practicable, BUT the greatest caution remains necessary when crossing the large scree, there is still a lot of snow and the snow bridges gradually risk yielding and becoming fragile. The last part on the Arpette side is still partially occupied by snow, but it is possible to avoid the snowfield by going around it.

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