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Conditions July 3rd 2019

3 July 2019

The summer climate of this period and the sustained temperatures are giving beautiful days ideal for hiking and trekking. After a week of good stable weather, in the last two days and for the next two, the meteorological situation sees a strong probability of afternoon thunderstorms, even of strong intensity, while Friday is expected to be a day of African heat.

In detail: the Fenêtre d'Arpette variant (Champex - Trient, CH) remains very snowy despite the heat. We discourage to walk this path that, in any case, should be done with crampons and ice axe. The fallen tree on the Bertone - Bonatti section (Courmayeur, I) has been removed. The snowfields remain on the northern slopes of the great Cols (Ferret, Seigne, Bonhomme) but the traces are very well marked; however pay the utmost attention if you walk them early in the morning and in the presence of hard snow. The warning of maximum caution in crossing watercourses remains valid, also and especially in case of thunderstorms: even if the phenomenon does not occur in the immediate vicinity, the flow of water channelled could quickly reach the valley bottom with the danger of full.

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