The Tour of Mont-Blanc

Mont Chetif area trails (Courmayeur - Italy) are temporarily closed

10 August 2017

We are announcing the communiqué issued by the Courmayeur Municipality concerning hiking trails in the Mon Chétif area.

The present announcement that following the various collapse episodes relating to the Mont Chetif (La Guira area, the central area and the Entrelevie area), the managing director adopted the ordinance annexed.

The "3 climbing wall of the guides" and "4 Mont Chetif" trails, plus the Dolonne - Plan Veny route  (for the part at the foot of the Mont Chetif) are no longer viable. Access to the climbing wall of the Guides is allowed only by the meadows of La Villette.

For the same reasons, the Mont Chetif ferrata is a mountaineering and no longer hiking route.

The UTG Manager dott. Alexandre Glarey "
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