Mon Tour du Mont Blanc

General conditions

6 June 2016

Conditions June 6th 2016 »

The snow on the path of the TMB is still present in considerable quantity above 1800/2000 meters and some area remains difficult to access. The first trekkers began walking along its paths; however, it is strongly recommended to get equipped (crampons ...

18 June 2015

Conditions 18 June 2015 »

The  conditions of col d'Arpette are good.The bridge of the Vallone of the Arminaz has been put in place and also the bridge between the refuge Elena and l'Arnouvaz

4 June 2015

Conditions 3 June 2015 »

Good conditions around Bovine, at Fenetre d'Arpette still a lot of snow.Italian side: snow above the 2200 meters asl, so you will find snow at col de la Seigne and Col Ferret. Pay attention when you cross the cols and wear crampons to avoid falls. The ...

5 September 2014

Conditions September 5th 2014 »

Weather conditions in the area of the ​​Mont Blanc for the weekend: after today's rain, sunshine and lower rainfall Saturday and Sunday. Evolution is uncertain, even in the short term.

13 August 2014

Conditions August 13th 2014 »

Today, a new perturbation will produce rainfall, sometimes intense and associated with a marked drop in temperature, until the afternoon. After that and up to the weekend, the weather will be drier and less unstable, but always with temperatures below ...

31 July 2014

Conditions July 31st 2014 »

The conditions of the trails of the Tour du Mont-Blanc are generally good. The weather situation is evolving towards a temporary improvement (today and Friday) before the return of a certain instability planned for the weekend. From Monday, the Azores ...

14 July 2014

Conditions July 14th 2014 »

The weather is getting better this afternoon thanks to the comeback of the high pressure that will bring nice weather with some afternoon thunderstorm, typical of this type of climate. Possible worsening from Saturday. The conditions of the trails are ...

27 June 2014

Conditions June 27th 2014 »

Weather forecast: a cold front, probably very active, associated with depression, should reach the Mont Blanc area Saturday afternoon and be accompanied by storm events. The weather will be cooler and rainy, through at least Sunday. Improvement likely ...

18 June 2014

Conditions June 18th 2014 »

Weather situation: from Thursday and until the end of the weekend air masses over the North of Italy will stabilize, allowing a marked improvement of the weather that will be sunny and warm. Focus on the Italian side: the bridges in Arminaz (between Bertone ...

12 June 2014

Conditions June 12th 2014 »

Weather situation: an African air mass has reached the Alps favoring the formation of locally heavy afternoon thunderstorms. With its progressive shift is expected the arrival of cooler and unstable air masses for the weekend. Col de Tricot (Saint ...

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