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General conditions

10 June 2014

Conditions June 10th 2014 »

The snow persists at mid-mountain altitudes, particularly on north-facing slopes; however, the temperatures of these days will help to melt a good amount of snow fields present on the TMB. Some groups of hikers have already begun to walk the tour but at ...

27 May 2014

Conditions May 27th 2014 »

The conditions of the trails of the TMB are gradually improving. The limit of the snow now stands at about 1800-2200 meters depending on the exposures north or south. The situation at the main passes: At the Col de Balme there is still a lot of snow on ...

19 May 2014

Conditions May 19th 2014 »

The snow is still present on the Tour du Mont-Blanc and the air rather cold for the period, but it is expected a comeback of the African high pressure from Thursday, which should lead to an increase in average temperatures. The snow cover is still considerable ...

4 October 2013

Conditions october 5th 2013 »

A disturbance is expected to coming in towards the evening. It is going to be active and to moving away eastward by Sunday morning. High condition gradually resuming from Monday in a northeasterly stream with a low stratus cloud risk. Please remember that ...

20 September 2013

Conditions september 20th 2013 »

Most of the huts are closed or going to close by the end of September. It is still possible to walk the TMB using winter shelters (many huts are equipped) and some refuge opens in the off-season week-ends. We suggest contacting the managers to get more ...

14 August 2013

Conditions august 14th 2013 »

Weather situation: The territory of the TMB is between an area of high and low pressure.That means mostly sunny conditions and slightly unstable weather until Sunday 18 of August with possible thundershowers in the evenings of Friday and Saturday.Here ...

12 August 2013

Conditions agust 12th 2013 »

An unstable draft is approaching the Alps from the west this afternoon, anticipating the passage of a weak cold front between tonight and Tuesday morning. The return of high pressure and stability is expected on Wednesday; good weather and will probably ...

6 August 2013

Conditions august 6th 2013 »

The area of high pressure over southern Europe is going to weaken with the approach of an Atlantic disturbance that, by Wednesday afternoon, will affect the area of TMB too; the weather is going to be  cloudier and cloudier with some possible thunderstorm; ...

1 August 2013

Conditions august 1st 2013 »

Last update from the Italian side: The bridge on the path between Arnouva and refuge Elena has finally been placed.

24 July 2013

Conditions july 24th 2013 »

Weather situation: In the evening, the expansion of a large Mediterranean anticyclone encourages the influx of warm air even at high altitude. We forecast mostly sunny, gradually warm and muggy days. News from the Italian side: Because of the persistence ...

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