The Tour of Mont-Blanc

General conditions

12 August 2013

Conditions agust 12th 2013 »

An unstable draft is approaching the Alps from the west this afternoon, anticipating the passage of a weak cold front between tonight and Tuesday morning. The return of high pressure and stability is expected on Wednesday; good weather and will probably ...

6 August 2013

Conditions august 6th 2013 »

The area of high pressure over southern Europe is going to weaken with the approach of an Atlantic disturbance that, by Wednesday afternoon, will affect the area of TMB too; the weather is going to be  cloudier and cloudier with some possible thunderstorm; ...

1 August 2013

Conditions august 1st 2013 »

Last update from the Italian side: The bridge on the path between Arnouva and refuge Elena has finally been placed.

24 July 2013

Conditions july 24th 2013 »

Weather situation: In the evening, the expansion of a large Mediterranean anticyclone encourages the influx of warm air even at high altitude. We forecast mostly sunny, gradually warm and muggy days. News from the Italian side: Because of the persistence ...

17 July 2013

Conditions july 17th 2013 »

Weather situation: the high pressure over Europe maintains good summer conditions, but cooler air is going to reach the Alps, causing instability that will probably bring thunderstorms in the afternoon especially tomorrow, Friday and maybe Saturday. ...

8 July 2013

Conditions july 8th 2013 »

Short updating from the Swiss side: We've just learnt that, thanks to the summer conditions of these days, the Fenêtre d'Arpette is finally  accessible.

5 July 2013

Conditions july 5th 2013 »

The warm temperatures and the sun of these last days are helping  the melting of snowfields still present on the TMB and they cause a significant improvement in daily conditions. Always use extreme caution when you are crossing a snowfield since the ...

2 July 2013

Conditions july 2nd 2013 »

Here is the detailed description of the most relevant points of the TMB that we have received from one of our guide friend. France: The climb to Col Grand Ferret is snowy from Plan des Dames. During the crossing of col de la Croix du Bonhomme, even if ...

1 July 2013

Conditions july 1st 2013 »

Here some news of la Fenêtre d'Arpette from our friends huts' managers: -       The Trient side : dry, so going from Arpette to Trient there's no particular problems. -       The Val d'Arpette ...

28 June 2013

Conditions june 28th 2013 »

Focus Grand Col Ferret: We found out that the path that brings you to Grand Col Ferret is still covered with snow, so it is better to be really careful especially after 11 am when the snow's surface melts and becomes really slippery. It's always recommended ...

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