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General conditions

25 June 2013

Conditions june 25th 2013 »

The general conditions of the Tour du Mont Blanc are getting better and better. Yesterday afternoon the Val Ferret was finally opened without any limit to the circulation. The bridge on the Armina Stream will be placed next  Friday besides we are ...

24 June 2013

Conditions june 24th »

Today the  anticyclone of the Azores has reinforced, bringing  a beginning of improvement this afternoon. Improvement that will be definitive Tuesday and Wednesday but going to be always cool. Thursday, the polar air could reach  the Swiss ...

19 June 2013

Conditions june 19th 2013 »

Latest information from our friends guides and hut's managers:Switzerland: path to the Alpage de Bovine accessible (between Champex and the Col de La Forclaz), paying particular attention to the crossing of the streams, where the flow is very important. ...

18 June 2013

Conditions june 18th 2013 »

The snow is still a lot on the Tour du Mont-Blanc, but the heat of the last days, which will continue at least until Wednesday, will contribute to the rapid melting of snow fields. The first trekkers have already begun to walk the TMB, but the passage ...

10 June 2013

Conditions june 10th 2013 »

The snow is still abundant above 1800/2000 m, depending on the slopes, and many areas are still inaccessible. France: the Tourist Office of Les Contamines informs us that the Col du Bonhomme is still virtually inaccessible and that a special communication ...

6 June 2013

Conditions june 6th 2013 »

Landslide in Courmayeur: the TMB is accessible!

31 May 2013

Conditions may 31st 2013 »

Snow is still abundant on the Tour du Mont-Blanc and the temperatures are much colder than the seasonal average. On the Italian territory the snow cover is still relevant at 1800 - 1900 meters above sea level, particularly on north-facing slopes with conditions, ...

8 May 2013

Conditions may 8th 2013 »

Les Amis de Plan Glacier inform us that the Refuge de Plan Glacier (2.730 m) is opening on may 17th 2013, according to weather conditions. Please contact Isabelle +33 6 31 66 92 38 for your reservation. ...

20 March 2013

Conditions march 18th 2013 »

Most of the Tour du Mont-Blanc huts are opening by the 2nd and 3rd week of June. Reservation are already possible

9 October 2012

Conditions october 8th 2012 »

The Regione autonoma Valle d'Aosta informs us that the bridges in the area Arminaz (Val Ferret - Courmayeur) and between Arnouva and Elena hut (Val Ferret - Courmayeur) have been removed. In addition, the pyramid placed at the Col de La Seigne has been ...

Trails Conditions