The Mont-Blanc

General conditions

9 October 2012

Conditions october 8th 2012 »

The Regione autonoma Valle d'Aosta informs us that the bridges in the area Arminaz (Val Ferret - Courmayeur) and between Arnouva and Elena hut (Val Ferret - Courmayeur) have been removed. In addition, the pyramid placed at the Col de La Seigne has been ...

20 September 2012

Conditions september 20th 2012 »

Most of the huts are closed or going to close by the end of September. It is still possible to walk the TMB using winter shelters (many huts are equipped) and some refuge opens in the off-season week-ends. We suggest contacting the managers to get more ...

14 September 2012

Conditions september 14th 2012 »

The perturbation that has recently brought cold and snow on the western Alps moves south. It is replaced by dry air, still quite cold, with strong currents until this afternoon. For the weekend is expected to increase in temperature. There is still a fair ...

11 September 2012

Conditions september 11th 2012 »

Warning: the weather is changing drastically! A cold front is approaching from the Atlantic, bringing strong winds and heavy rain with snowfalls under 2400 m. Be careful on the highest hills!

3 September 2012

Conditions september 3rd 2012 »

Weather forecast for the first week of September: marked variability with alternating rain and sunny intervals, in a fairly windy, at least until Wednesday. Snow level upwards to 3300-3400. Be careful at the Col du Bonhomme - Croix du Bonhomme and at the ...

31 August 2012

Conditions august 31th 2012 »

Attention: snow!

27 August 2012

Conditions august 27th 2012 »

After the last weekend's stormy weather, a dry current will determine the climate in the next coming days that will be typical summer (though cooler) until Wednesday, with possible instability in the evening, especially mid-week. Have a good tour! ...

18 August 2012

Conditions august 18th 2012 »

Due to the African high pressure the weather remains nice and warm. The conditions for walking the TMB are therefore ideal, there are no particular problems on the route. Have a good Tour!

13 August 2012

Conditions august 13th 2012 »

The Alps are under the influence of a current from south-west at high altitude, hot, dry and probably fairly stable until Wednesday morning. Temporary slight worsening is possible between Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon. Consequently, the conditions ...

6 August 2012

Conditions august 6th 2012 »

The depression over the North Sea will move to the northeast, but strong current approaches from the southwest, bringing moist and very unstable air to the Alps. The disturbance slowly crosses the Alps today, causing storms, more frequent and strong in ...

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