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General conditions

26 July 2012

Conditions july 26th 2012 »

The influx of fresh air from the north-east has moved out and now a high pressure promontory of African origin returns to expand; it will grow initially from the south of France to the central and northern Italy bringing a warm peak in the coming days ...

23 July 2012

Conditions july 23th »

Weather situation: the arrival of an African high pressure will determine the weather until Friday. Course's situation: the conditions of the TMB are good on all sides, there are only a few high altitude snowfields. Attention at Arnouva (Val Ferret, Courmayeur): ...

18 July 2012

Conditions july 18th 2012 »

The general conditions of the Tour du Mont Blanc are very good even after the rains of recent days on the French side. The passage of the highest hills is no problem: variants to the Col des Fours and Fenêtre of Arpette are feasible (note, not yet accessible ...

17 July 2012

Conditions july 17th 2012 »

The sun and the high back pressure are going to determine the weather conditions of the Mont Blanc area. The recent snow has covered the ground up to about 2200m but the rising temperatures have led to a rapid merger.Moderate to strong wind in medium and ...

9 July 2012

Conditions july 9th 2012 »

The Tour du Mont-Blanc trail is now in good conditions as most of the snowfields have dissolved. Some snow is still present at the highest cols such as The Fênetre d'Arpette and the Col  des Fours. On the Italian side, the bridge just above the Elena ...

28 June 2012

Conditions 2012 june 28th »

The high temperatures and good weather of recent days have contributed to the melting of most of the snowfields. There are still quite abundant accumulations between the Col du Bonhomme and La Croix du Bonhomme and Col de la Seigne.The Arminaz bridge (Val ...

22 June 2012

Conditions 2012 june 22th »

French side: many snowfields between the Col du Bonhomme and the Col de la Corix du Bonhomme; pay attention in case of soft - melted snow (Good trekking shoes and pole recommended). Similar condition on the Croix du Bonhomme - Col des Fours route where ...

20 June 2012

Conditions 2012 june 20th »

Low pressure over the Atlantic and a high pressure over the central Mediterranean determine the flow of humid air towards south-western Alps. Between tomorrow night and the first part of Friday the perturbation will move north; it will be replaced by drier ...

14 June 2012

Conditions 2012 june 15h »

Yesterday's snowfalls left on the ground only a few inches of snow (above 1800 m). There is still a fair amount of snowfields above 2200m, pay particular attention when reaching the highest passes. Still closed the variants: Fenêtre of Arpette, Col des ...

12 June 2012

Conditions june 12th 2012 »

Since Sunday the weather has been cold and stormy in the mountains. The rain-snow limit has lowered until around 1800 m. Disturbance, especially in French and Swiss valleys, is going to persist for the next 24 hours.

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