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General conditions

5 August 2019

Conditions August 5th 2019 »

The trails, in early August, are very busy and conditions are generally good. The most significant variables are related to the weather which, as expected, will worsen from tomorrow night untill thursday. It is therefore recommended to equip yourself and ...

2 August 2019

Conditions August 2nd 2019 »

Typical "high season" situation on the TMB. The conditions of the trails are generally good and many hikers and even a lot of people in the shelters are reported by professionals. Weather situation for the weekend: improvement of time and end ...

29 July 2019

Conditions July 29nd »

Works in the Flégère sector / access to Lac Blanc

22 July 2019

Conditions July 22nd »

As for the meteorological aspect, an anticyclone tends to expand towards Central Europe and to strengthen, favouring sunny and stable conditions with an increase in temperatures and some afternoon heaps. In the next two or three days the isotherm is therefore ...

10 July 2019

Conditions July 10th »

Good conditions on the TMB: at a meteorological level, a very beautiful day today, but the presence of a system of low pressures over Great Britain, whose hot front will dampen the flow again, starting from Thursday will bring new, rather thick, cloud ...

3 July 2019

Conditions July 3rd 2019 »

The summer climate of this period and the sustained temperatures are giving beautiful days ideal for hiking and trekking. After a week of good stable weather, in the last two days and for the next two, the meteorological situation sees a strong probability ...

28 June 2019

Conditions June 28th 2019 »

From the meteorological point of view, the African heat peak of yesterday and today should undergo a slight decline, with the isotherm that from 4,500 to 5,000 meters today will gradually tend to fall starting especially from Sunday and Monday. In particular ...

24 June 2019

Conditions June 24th 2019 »

The typical summer weather of these days, helps the rapid disappearance of snowfields on the TMB. On the other hand, the melting of the snow causes the swelling of the streams and watercourses, to cross which every precaution is necessary. Specifically, ...

17 June 2019

Conditions June 17th 2019 »

The good weather of the weekend gave a positive signal to the TMB season. The snowfields are still present on the route but the snow has become very soft and the tracks are always wider and walkable. In particular: the Grand Col Ferret (CH - I) always ...

13 June 2019

Conditions June 13th 2019 »

After a few days of bad weather, the summer seems to have returned. The temperatures of the past few days have not allowed the snowfields to melt sensibly, even if the intense rains have affected the layers of snow with their runoff. Basically, the conditions ...

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