Mon Tour du Mont Blanc

Routes for the senses


The main focus of the Municipality of Morgex within the Autour du Mont Blanc project has been the creation of several themed routes.

Morgex is one of the gateways to the Espace Mont Blanc region, and this led to the concept of giving visitors a sort of introduction to the area through innovative themed routes, encouraging visitors to use all of their senses to discover and get in touch with the extraordinary environment. 

The themed routes are suitable for both adults and children.

Route: « Promenade entre forêt et anciens savoirs »

Region: Vallon d'Arpy
Route length: 2/3 hours
Best seasons: spring, summer and autumn

This is a circular route that predominantly winds through woodland, along an ancient "ru". It allows you to immerse yourself in the aromas and lights of a section of forest with a magical atmosphere. In order to preserve the charm of the area, no information panels have been placed along the path. Instead, a pocket guide is available for those who want to use their senses to uncover interesting facts about the natural environment and learn about unusual, ancient uses of plants and herbs.

The course is also suitable for barefooting.

Route: « A la découverte des traces des animaux »

Region: Vallon d'Arpy
Route length: 1 hour
Best season: winter

The aim of this route is to understand the secrets and characteristics of several animals and how they have adapted to their surroundings, as well as to learn how to spot clues to their presence. Searching for animal tracks is particularly recommended during the winter, when the snow-covered ground makes them clearer. The route, close to the cross-country ski slope, stretches along the Vallon d'Arpy and features eight information panels along the path, available only in the winter months.

Route: « A piedi nudi » (Barefoot)

Region: Morgex
Route length: 1 hour
Best season: spring, summer, autumn

This is one of the first safe routes for barefooting created in Italy, featuring a series of sensory stations and equipped to be also usable by blind or partially sighted people. Barefooting is a relatively new activity in the western Alps, which consists of following a path barefoot to benefit from your sense of touch, in direct contact with nature. The route, located in the valley bottom in the sports area of Morgex, is circular and about 500 metres long, and features stretches made of different materials, such as stone, wood, water, sand and mud. The course includes several sensory stations that allow visitors to experiment with a new, sensory approach to nature, introducing them to the natural environment of Valdigne.