Mon Tour du Mont Blanc


Gradient and peaks


Sloping of the ground can create a variety of different complications during the course of an excursion.

Grassy slopes, especially when humid, wet or covered with frost, are very slippery.

The risk of rockslides should never be underestimated, especially when other groups of excursionists are in the vicinity. Proceed with utmost caution when hiking above other groups, and always be aware of your position relative to the possible trajectories of falling rock when downhill from other groups.

While they may seem to offer convenient shelter from bad weather, large masses resting on an incline should never be trusted too much because of their precarious stability.

Never underestimate the potential problems inherent to peaks: open-air ridges, the traversal of very steep slopes and exposed segments can provoke fear and panic. Try to keep your group together and do not leave the trail, however overwhelming it might seem.

Do not try to take shortcuts, and if you ever lose the trail, the best strategy is to backtrack until you find a reliable point of reference.