Au Tour du Mont-Blanc Project


Indispensable for trekkers on the Tour du Mont-Blanc


Available in different formats and languages, the guide is a critical source of support for organizing your own Tour du Mont-Blanc or personal excursion guide. Accompanied by topographical maps and descriptions of places, paths and shelters, this type of tool explains everything you need to know in case of an emergency, provides background information about the environment, culture and costumes of the Mont Blanc region.

A few examples:

  • Il giro del Monte Bianco, 12 tappe e 48 varianti intorno al gigante delle Alpi, Stefano Ardito, Le Guide di ALP series, 136 pages Cda & Vivalda Editori, 2000;
  • The Tour of Mont-Blanc, Complete two way trekking guide, Cicerone Mountain Walking, Kev Reynolds;
  • Tour du Mont-Blanc - France, Italie, Suisse : panoramas grandioses pour 10 jours sportifs, FFRandonnée;
  • Le valli del Monte Bianco e il Tour du Mont-Blanc, L'Escursionista Editore Guide dell'Escursionista / 1, Luca Zavatta e Carlo Coronati anno 2000.