Cascade du Dard

Vallée de Chamonix (Fr)
Distance800 m
Difference in altitude 30 m
Duration 1 h
Difficulty Easy


The Dard waterfall is a beautiful waterfall located at 1,233 m of altitude. With a height of 20 m, easily accessible, it offers a view of the Aiguilles Rouges range, the Bossons glacier and Mont Blanc. Located in the woods, it allows for a refreshing break in the heart of summer. The presence of an adjacent bar enriches this short walk.

The Dard stream is born from the meltwater of the Pélerins glacier at 2,300 meters above sea level. This glacier, which is very sensitive to various climatic actions, accumulates spring water in its subglacial cavities. In 2009, the bridge downstream of the waterfall was carried away by the rupture of one of these pockets of water.These episodes of floods, of which the best known of the Alps is the one that destroyed the thermal baths of Saint Ger-vais in 1892, they marked the collective memory. Today, the study and understanding of these phenomena allows better control of this risk.

From the parking lot, take the wide road that enters the forest and continue along it. The Dard waterfall is located about ten minutes on foot, just behind the bar.

Technical data

Vallée de Chamonix (Fr)
Parking of info point of the Tunnel du Mont Blanc
Cascade du Dard
back and forth
Difference in altitude
30 m
800 m
1 h
Maximum altitude
1.233 m
Route conditions
Easy path

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