The Duchère wood

Les Contamines Monjoye (Fr)
Distance5,0 km
Difference in altitude 40 m
Duration 3 h
Difficulty Easy


From the car park in the cross-country ski foyer, follow the path towards “Notre Dame de la Gorge”. At first the path winds its way under the trees, flanking sports facilities (tennis, playground, football field) and the “Bon Nant” stream. Leave the Roman road and take the “Bridge of Notre Dame de Gorge” on the right which leads to the chapel. On the right side of the church there is an easy entrance also for
a possible wheelchair, despite the step. Continuing a little further and always going up along the "Bon Nant" stream, you reach the Sainte Chapelle immersed in the rock.
For the return, resume the same itinerary up to the Chapel of Notre Dame and then continue this time on the left bank, where you can choose between the path de croix (paved road) or the path that flanks
the Bon Nant floats. Arriving at a parking lot, you can take the botanical path. Follow the course of the water to the bridge. From here, follow the signs for the foyer de fond to return to the starting point.

Technical data

Les Contamines Monjoye (Fr)
Cross-country ski foyer of Contamines - Monjoye
Cross-country ski foyer of Contamines - Monjoye
Difference in altitude
40 m
5,0 km
3 h
Maximum altitude
1.210 m
Route conditions
Easy path

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