Alpage de La Peule

Ferret - La Fouly (CH)
Distance4,0 km
Difference in altitude 300 m
Duration 4 h
Difficulty Medium


From the plain of La Peule, the path climbs in hairpin bends and gradually gain altitude, moving away from the valley floor and its stream, “La drance de Ferret” which runs centrally. The climb is constant and can seem quite long. It turns gently towards the valley of La Peule where the stream of the same name flows. The path then reaches a level where there are fences for cows and sheep. The refuge is no longer very far; this large building can be seen in the distance together with the two yurts (tents of Mongolian origin) at its side. The La Peule refuge is an ideal place to discover the artisanal manufacture of raclette cheese, toma and butter. It is a good opportunity to taste local products! And why not take the opportunity to spend a night in the straw of a yurt?

Technical data

Ferret - La Fouly (CH)
Parking close to the bridge of the « plat de la peule »
Refuge « Alpage de La Peule »
Back and forth
Difference in altitude
300 m
4,0 km
4 h
Maximum altitude
2.090 m
Route conditions
Wide path with few steep sections

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