Bois du Bouchet

Vallée de Chamonix (Fr)
Distance6,0 km
Difference in altitude 80 m
Duration 3 h
Difficulty Easy


At the entrance to the Bouchet wood, pass the paraglider landing area and arrive on an asphalted road. Cross it and take the path you meet; follow it up through the woods to the intersection with the asphalted road. If you want to shorten the tour, this road leads back to the starting point (easy hike). This hike of about one kilometer is ideal for people with disabilities and allows you to discover the natural heritage of the valley. Continuing on the path instead you can continue the walk. Cross the road and follow the path until you pass under a bridge. Leave the hotel restaurant on the left and continue to the clearing of "Pierre d’Orthaz" (a nice picnic area). The path rejoins an asphalted road; go up it to the bridge. Do not cross it, but continue on the road. Cross a farm and 300 meters further, take the path on the left which leads to the Tibetan bridge. Cross it and take the path in the center that leads back to the paraglider landing area. Take the paved road again and cross the bridge to return to the starting point.

Technical data

Vallée de Chamonix (Fr)
Maison du Club des Sports de Chamonix (Foyer de ski de fond in winter)
Maison du Club des Sports de Chamonix (Foyer de ski de fond in winter)
Difference in altitude
80 m
6,0 km
3 h
Maximum altitude
1.120 m
Route conditions
Easy path

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